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Building Envelope

Behgam Farayand Construction has extensive experience in working on building envelope remediation/replacement on residential/commercial buildings. We have an experienced and qualified crew who have completed numerous building envelope remediation projects. Whether it’s insulation, framing, sheathing, cladding, caulking, painting, structural repairs, or rot repairs, Behgam Farayand Construction handles all aspects of a building envelope remediation/replacement work.

Steel Structures & Metal Buildings

We offer a wide range of services including setting up new steel buildings /metal structures, installing fencing, erecting industrial buildings/platforms, and installing driveway gates.

Interior Renovation

Behgam Farayand Construction is specialized in all aspects of interior renovation projects for both residential and office/commercial spaces, which includes all architectural (flooring, partition walls, ceiling, drywall finishes/painting, etc.), mechanical (plumbing, kitchen and bathroom renovation, sinks and fixtures, HVAC, etc.) and electrical (wiring, fixtures, etc.) works.

Kitchen Upgrade

Behgam Farayand Construction has extensive experience in all types of kitchen upgrades and renovations. The services have included Architectural (flooring, walls, ceilings, millwork, etc.), mechanical (plumbing, fixtures, HVAC, etc.) and Electrical (wiring, fixtures, etc.). Fence Replacement and Landscaping

Fence Replacement & Landscaping

Behgam Farayand Construction has completed many fence replacement/upgrade projects using different fencing materials such as cedar, pine, vinyl, metal, and chain-link. We specialize in all aspects of the fence replacement work including foundation, fence panels, finishes and painting. We also have extensive experience in working on landscaping works (both soft landscaping and hard landscaping) which includes all the related activities of such projects, including excavation, tree removal, drainage and irrigation, landscaping rocks, etc.

Windows and Doors

Behgam Farayand is capable of completing window and door related works for both new constructions as well as renovation projects. We have a long-standing relationship with window/door suppliers which we have acquired through our many years of experience in doing window/door new construction or replacement projects. As a result of this positive business relationship, we are able to offer competitive pricing for window/door projects and also provide professional installation services. Some service types that we specialize in include bay windows, casement windows, front entry doors, and patio doors.

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