About us

Recognition of demands; honestly responses

Behgam Novin Farayand Co . started its operations in 2004, and therefore our efforts to

provide technical / engineering / commercial services to various upstream industries began. We

founded this company when we realized that our ideas for fulfilling some of the vital needs of the oil

industry could not be realized by the current capacity of existing companies. Since then, we have been

committed to the principle of honesty, and managed to find ourselves as one of the most

comprehensive suppliers of electrical equipment through the international effective communications

chain via numerous representative offices in Asia and Europe. And instruments, mechanical equipment

(fixed and rotary), drilling, power equipment, power plant and laboratory in the competitive Iranian


Our Superiority; Specialized Services

This company is not merely a business suite; it is our specialized service that distinguishes us from

similar business companies.Our efforts in the company  have always focused on

the unique solutions and also we managed to stabilize our domestic market without entering other

department services of other similar companies. in the mean time, by providing specialized technical

and commercial services to our customers, we have recorded a brilliant record in our carrier's history,

Which includes extensive cooperation with the oil and gas industries, petrochemical, electricity, steel,

cement, water and sewage, automotive, and so on.

furthermore our activities in the Behgam Novin Farayand are not limited to the procurement of

equipment and our experienced technicians to improve the quality of the presented equipment, provide

a variety of services, including training, installation and commissioning for customers. also holding up

continuous courses and training seminars are among our other abilities to strengthen customer

relationships and provide more effective service.In addition to the aforementioned services, the

company's fundamental and continuous commitment to provide full and accurate after-sales services to

our customers; Therefore we consider the pursuit of immersive and continuous activities and the comet

activity as a distinguishing feature of the company, and we are determined to maintain this prominent


We are the best and represent the best

Less than a decade after company establishment, we succeeded in obtaining the exclusive

representation of the Austrian company Omicron (OMICRON) in 2011, one of the leading manufacturers

of testing and commissioning equipment for high-voltage equipment and protective relays.

With the high motivation for expediting and honest efforts in providing services, we were able to

expand our services to other areas as well. Since 2013, we also added the equipment for the drilling of

the oil industry to our services and we have been providing a wide range of equipment for drilling

companies, including drilling rigs. thus we currently are representative of two companies, Deep (PDC

manufacturer) and Feilong Dealers, (Rock Bits manufacturer) . In 2015, we continued to develop the

company's activities by obtaining the representation of the Rocsole company in Finland, and we have

begun to offer our services in the field of pipe monitoring and industrial tanks (boilers).

Our prospect is National production

Gaining successful experiences in the field of providing technical and commercial services to the major

industries of the country has made us more resolute in our determination to become the manufacturer

of drilling equipment and equipment for the oil and gas industry.However, nowadays, due to some

international constraints, corporate focus is more on commerecial activities.But we try to turn this

dilemma into a constructive challenge, and take all possible effort to realize this vision and start the

productive activities hence along with trying to engage in national determination and support for

domestic production, we also expand our international activities.

Certificate and Licenses

Getting credible international quality certifications is a matter of our incentive and effort in the

company to understand and meet the needs of our customers.Relying on the integrated management

system and quality of the project along with the improvement of the quality of customer service,

resulted to receive several credible quality certificates from the competent authorities. These

certifications includes of:

ISO 9001: 2015 - Quality management systems

ISO 14001: 2015 - Environmental management systems ...

ISO 10668: 2010 - Brand valuation -- Requirements for monetary brand valuation issued at TUV WISSEN

QAL ISO 10006: 2003 - Quality management in projects

QAL BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 - Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series

URS ISO 10002: 2004 - Complaint Management System


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Project Quality Management Policy

Continuous overview; Integrated function

Utilizing the expert manpower and advanced systems and technical knowledge of the world, make us

succeeded in continuous activity in the field of designing, commissioning, repairing, maintaining,

importing and exporting various equipment of industries, especially in the oil & gas industry of Iran.For

qualitative and quantitative development of these activities, we have considered our project

management system policy in accordance with ISO 10006: 2003 standard project management

requirements as follows:

1- Scheduling in the service of quality improvement: We schedule the projects in a way that achieves the

best results, along with the systematic control of the project's progress, and provides appropriate

feedback to reduce potential mismatches.

2 - Single implementation plan: Using a matrix process method at all levels of the organization, we

organize proper organization and implementation of a single implementation plan throughout the


3. Prevention;prior to the reform: With the prevalence of preemptive culture, we aim at improving at all

organizational levels of our Company for optimal energy consumption, time and cost.

4. desirable work environment: Our work environment is an appropriate places for effective,

transparent, and open inter-organizational communication that has created an integrated and

convergent portfolio, along with interacting with external actors influencing the project implementation


5. Creating competitive advantage: Regular reporting system, agility, response, transfer of feedback to

the employer, as well as the completion of the project in due time, all contribute to the creation of a

competitive advantage for our company.

We commit ourselves to the best of resources and resources to fulfill these goals. With the full support

of the ISO 10006: 2003 system, we ensure that our colleagues are aware of the company's wisdom and

ambitious goals, and with ongoing monitoring and review, ensure the continuity and survival of the

system. The effort to promote human resources and the full support of human capital is our

commitment to colleagues and other stakeholders.


Respect to the customer is Respect to the community

relationship with our audience and our customers is always a professional, warm and intimate

relationship. This intimacy, except in the context of true respect for the rights of the client and the

audience is not possible. Taking social responsibility in the form of environmental protection and

charitable activities is one of our other obligations to respect the rights of various levels of society.

Our efforts in the implementation of our commitment have provided us with a great deal of confidence

in the industrial community of Iran, and has, over the years, succeeded in providing the equipment

needed by large customers in various industries, including oil, gas, petrochemicals, steel, copper,

cement, Power plant, automotive industry, as well as electricity, water and sewage industries in Iran.

Our special domestic audiences are equipment specialists in refineries and oil companies, power plants,

steel mills, automotive, cement, etc and Our foreign audiences are also manufacturers of equipment for

these industries as well.

Promise to our customers is as follows: Public and private companies can provide any kind of specialized

product by our company and make sure that ordered product package is provide and presents in a very

special way according to the requirements of the ordering agent.

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